InTimePro Attendance Solution

InTimePro PC Linked Time and Attendance Systems with multiple terminal options

InTime ProductsInTimePro

Single or Multiple clocking devices may be connected to the software.

Various clocking options, swipe card, proximity card, key fob, barcode or biometric hand recognition.

Collection of data from remote sites via wide area network, phone line or smart card.

Software will calculate all types of hours and overtime.

Inbuilt personnel records.Easily edited on screen data. Full report suite, including roll call report and payroll interface.

Advanced leave and holiday recording.Unlimited employee capacity.

Handswipe, Biometric Time and Attendance System.

Intime Pro SoftwareInTimePro HP1000

Employees clock using their hand!

Stops employees clocking for each other!

Calculates all types of hours and overtime, removing manual work from the payroll process.

Graphical calendar for bookings, viewing and editing holidays, sickness, training and user customised leave types.

Comprehensive report suite with outputs to payroll packages or spreadsheets along with a fire roll call report.

Upgradeable 50, 100 or 500 employee capacity.