Clock In Machine

TP100 and TP200 Clock In Machine for all your Attendance Recording Needs

The unique  TP100 and TP200 clock in machine have been designed to be truly "set and forget".They will accurately record employees' clocking in\out times on a weekly or monthly time card.They are fully automatic for all functions and time adjustments. Simply insert your card and a clear, accurate clocking is printed. These time recorders are the most high-tech and robust on the market, setting a new standard for the industry.

Using "In" and "Out" racks either side of the clock is an excellent way of doing a fire roll call in an emergency, by unhooking the "In" rack
from the wall.

TP100D Clock in Machine TP100A Clock in Machine


Sample Cards (Click to enlarge):

Weekly Card

Sample Weekly Card for clock in machine

Monthly Card

Sample Monthly Card for clock in machine



Extra Features on TP200 clock in machine:

Technical specifications:

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