Time Recorder Time Card Racks

Plastic Adjustable Badge and Card Racks

A new concept for the card rack.Plastic Card Rack

Available for Weekly or Monthly clocking cards.

This Expandable card rack allow users to create their own size of rack for their needs, so if there are only twenty employees clocking in, then they only need to attach twenty slots to the base section to hold the required twenty cards.

Space saving for yourselves in the office or on the work floor, these racks are as strong as metal ones once assembled.

Unlike metal racks, these not only save space, but are extreamely light weight and easy to store and transport.

Available in two sizes, up to ten employees and up to twenty five employees. Suitable for weekly cards.

Adjustable rack assembly

The racks consist of a base and individual flaps to hold the cards.

card rack apart

metal racks


Metal Racks

Available for Weekly or Monthly clocking cards.

Our metal clocking card racks are ideally designed for use in industrial environments.

Metal racks are available in two sizes for 25 cards and 50 cards. Suitable for weekly cards.

Sizes W(25 / 50) x H x D mm 118 / 225 x 730 x 28 mm